The best aircon service in singapore

Singapore has a warm and moist climate which means there is a prudent need for air conditioning system to ensure that you live in a comfortable environment. Having a fully functioning air condition system is one of the critical essential in a home or any other premises where people will have spent considerable amount of time in. Seeking good air condition service is not an easy but there are several companies that offer very wonderful services. Aircon service in Singapore involves several procedure depending on the premises that requires the service. Many companies that offer this service are specialist in commercial, residential, retail,corporate and industrial premises.

Repair air conditioning

Most of this companies offer services such as Water tary and bracket installation Aircon gas topping, maintenance and checking, Monthly contracts for maintenance, Chemical washing, overhaul, Repair water leaking and choke clearing. These companies have specialist who are highly skilled and have enough experience in every field of servicing and thus you are assured of getting the best services. Most of this companies that offer this service are within your reach and all one needs to do is to book an appointment for the repair and installation specialist to be sent to your premises at your most convenient time this companies offer 24hrs service since your comfort is their business.

Many of this companies offer free diagnosis and consultation such that they only repair the necessary part and they charge you for what they have repaired. They offer services at very affordable price depending on the magnitude of the repair and offer a guarantee of 90days for the work done. They usually deal with all models and designs of air conditioning systems. This companies Utilize organic enzymatic sweltering expertise to clean/maintain air conditioners all through and kill germs and microorganisms without using dangerous chemicals. This companies have websites where one can access the feedback from customers to evaluate their work and make a decision. Know more about aircon services Singapore at

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DIY Aircon Services – How To Clean And Service Your Air Conditioner

If you’ve been using your air conditioner regularly and you’re going to get it serviced then it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to make it work efficiently again. In this article let’s find out how you can do aircon services like a pro at home in just a few minutes!
First thing you need to do is turn the air conditioner on, just to make sure there’s no noises or rattles and it’s actually blowing cold air. Now, we always check the temperature of the air conditioner before we clean it and that’s exactly what you want to do next. After checking the temperature, you’d want to check the air velocity – which is the amount of wind or air coming off the barrel fan. We want to make sure that when we’ve cleaned it we’ve pulled the temperatures down, increased the air velocity off the barrel fan to make it more efficient.
So the next step is obviously to disassemble the air conditioner. After disassembling it, you’ll have the ability now to clean the coil and the barrel fan properly. Now, after you’ve taken the cables off it still has a lot of dirt and dust so we’ll take these and the filters out, disinfect them and then clean them back to brand new again. To start cleaning the air conditioner, you’ll need a catchment tank underneath the actual unit itself, just to make sure we don’t make any mistakes.
First thing we do when cleaning is apply the cleaner – which is both non-hazardous and non-poison. Then you’ll use the coil-cleaning gun to blow off all the dirt inside the coil. You’re actually going to push the water all the way through to clean all the fins and also the back of the machine – which also has some coil. Now you’ll need to flush all the rubbish that have fallen off that coil we’ve just cleaned out of the main drain. So we simply work our way along that drain pushing all the rubbish down into the drain and finish it with a big 10 second burst with the coil-cleaning gun to make sure no rubbish is left!
Now we’ll need to clean the fan – which is a pretty difficult part to service, as some technicians have to pull it out to have it cleaned. But we’re just going to apply some cleaner to it and have our coil-cleaning gun do the rest, by pushing water underneath fan to make it spin and clean all the dust in the process.
After finishing all cleaning and reassembling all the parts, you have got your air conditioner back to when it’s new! Now you just need to check the temperature and the air velocity again to make sure that we’ve dropped the temperature and the coil is working more efficiently. And that’s pretty much everything you need to have DIY aircon services at home! You can visit Great Aircon Singapore for more information.

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Importance of Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Singapore afternoon weather can be unbearable. Because there is no winter season in Singapore, it is very important to ensure your aircon is always functioning. Whether at home or in your office, aircon servicing is a very important aspect that you cannot ignore. However, it is very good to hire a professional appliance repairman to service your air. But what are the benefits of aircon servicing?

get the best singapore aircon servicing

There are several benefits of looking for a professional aircon repairman to service your aircon, some of the importance of aircon servicing are;

Saves money

Although many people avoid calling appliance repairman for regular air servicing, regular inspection and servicing will save your money. If you don’t fix any problem with your aircon in time, you are likely to incur more expensive repair cost or end up replacing your unit. Regular servicing will save your money.

Prolong the lifespan of you aircon

Servicing your aircon is very important because it helps to prolong its lifespan. Aircon is an expensive appliance that should always be maintained in a good working condition. Replacing aircon is expensive; servicing it means that any defects will be fixed in time. Singapore Aircon Servicing ensures that it gives you quality services for many years.

Servicing your aircon will prevent water leakage

If your aircon is filled with dirt and fungus, it will fail to function properly. This is very dangerous because it can cause water to leak into the system forcing the unit to work harder. Servicing your unit on time ensures there is no dirt and fungus buildup which can cause water leakage.

Servicing your aircon makes it more effective and improves energy efficiency

Servicing aircon makes it energy efficient saving on electric bills. Regular services from a reputable appliance repairman will make your aircon more efficient so that it can optimally work. This is very important because it helps to save on electric bills because it will not use extra power to work.


Better services

Obviously, you purchased your aircon to make yourself comfortable by cooling your home of office and also improve the quality of air. Poor air quality can lower productivity at place of work and also interfere with your health. By maintaining your aircon, you will reduce the trips you make to the doctor which will ultimately save your money and time.

How to find the right aircon service provider in Singapore

With so many aircon services providers in Singapore, finding the right service provider is not an easy task. Nevertheless, there are some reputable service providers who offer quality services that will truly improve unit functionality and also prolong its lifespan. One of the easiest ways to identify reputable aircon service provider is by getting referrals from friends and colleagues who have had their unit repaired recently. They will share their experience with certain service provider enabling you to make a more informed decision.

You should also do some research- the internet can provide invaluable information on the services provider by a certain dealer. You should look at the customer’s reviews and also contact some of the customers to ascertain the reviews are real.

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Singapore has a warm and humid climate. This means that having an air conditioned environment is not a matter of choice if you want a comfortable life. This being the case choosing a good Singapore aircon servicing company is of utmost importance.

However, getting a good Singapore aircon servicing company can be a daunting task because some of the companies that offer these kind of services don’t measure up to the task. Some will keep late appointments, charge exorbitant prices, as well as offer services that are unprofessional. However, there are some other companies that have a good reputation and also offer professional services. Here below are some of the factors that you should consider when looking for a reputable Singapore aircon servicing company:

Repair air conditioning

-Long service

One of the factors to look for in a company that deals with air conditioning servicing is the length of time the company has operated. A company that has provided these services consistently for many years is certainly a reliable company.


A good air conditioning servicing company should have a reputation of providing air conditioning services successfully to big organizations in Singapore including airports, hotels, hospitals, banks, among others.

-Technological Advancement 

A good air conditioning servicing company should be known to apply the latest technology available in this field. This includes utilizing organic enzymatic steaming technology in order to clean air conditioners without resorting to using harmful chemicals to kill bacteria as well as germs.

– Quality and reliable services

A good Singapore aircon servicing company should have a reputation of providing efficient and reliable services. They should be known to give their customer warranties against all types of services that they carry out for their customers.

-Fair pricing 

This is another important factor to consider. Good air conditioning servicing companies should always offer competitive prices to their customers.

-Free Consultation 

A good air conditioning servicing company should have a good customer care strategy in place. Customers should be able to have feedback through social media including face book, email, and blogs, among others. This will help the company to address any issues raised by its customers within a short time. Booking for services can also be done online company’s website.

– Professionalism

Another factor to consider when it comes to identifying a good air conditioning servicing company is the professionalism of the company’s employees. You should ensure that technicians are well trained and are supervised by experienced and professional supervisors. This is one way of knowing that the company can offer outstanding services. The company should have a reputation of having consistently offered successful air conditioning servicing for a number of years.


-Good business practices

As well as offering competitive prices, a good Singapore aircon servicing company should be able to give discounts to its customers, especially those using credits cards to pay for services rendered to them.

– Customer satisfaction 

A good and reliable company offering air conditioning services in Singapore should have a customer satisfaction guarantee policy in place. Under this policy, a customer is not supposed to pay anything if the agreed scope of work is not fulfilled.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider can when choosing the best Singapore aircon servicing company.

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The Importance of Aircon Service Singapore

Aircon Service Singapore

Singapore averages temperatures between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius, experiencing a tropical rainforest climate year round due to there being hardly any seasonal differences. Having an aircon unit is therefore important to remain cool. Installation is simple and the machine pays for itself in the comfort it provides and the time it lasts, but it is crucial the unit is maintained.


Without proper servicing, the air conditioning system will wear faster, causing a short component life. Having to repeatedly pay for a new unit installation is something no owner wants, so keeping up with routine checks is essential. Expensive repairs can also be bypassed or delayed, as keeping up on cleanings, oilings, and functionality will ensure the unit is in prime working condition and is performing at peak efficiency.

aircon servicing singapore

Statistics also show that the costs of running your air conditioning will steadily increase if maintenance is ignored. This is due to an increase in energy consumption brought on by contamination of the evaporator coils and condenser. As dirt buildup grows, so do bills. Poor performance brought on by contamination can show increases in bills as high as 36%.


Higher energy bills are not the only unfavorable condition that arise from a lack of servicing. The moist climes help spur the growth of micro organisms, making aircon servicing Singapore an even more critical precaution. Bacteria and fungi, including M.R.S.A, E. coli, and Legionella, can begin to form within the system, making the chances of contracting an illness more likely.


A simple cleaning can ensure the risk of contamination is cut. As much as 99.9% of all the micro organisms within the system can be destroyed in under sixty seconds of cleaning. Eliminating potentially harmful germs while saving money on bills makes servicing your aircon unit a wise decision.


Be aware of common indicators of the aircon system being poorly serviced. Annoying low and high pressure alarms going off may be a sign the unit is in need of maintenance work, as are irregularly high energy bills, a proneness to freezing, and leaking water. Additional symptoms are stale smells, poor airflow, noticeable sludge in the drain line, and a generally dirty appearance.


A minimum of two servicing or maintenance appointments are suggested per year, or more frequently if being used in a larger capacity. If you suspect your aircon unit of needing a maintenance performed, contacting a servicing business is probably the best bet. Check around for the best company, looking at both the pricing and the referrals. Experienced technicians can solve most issues in under an hour, making sure your schedule is not heavily disrupted.

Empty White Room

The aircon check up not only includes an important cleaning of the evaporator coils, filters and condenser coils, but typically covers an oiling of the motors and a functionality check on the thermostat, refrigerant levels, electrical fittings, condenser, and test controls. The technician will also alert you to any further issues that may require repair. Luckily, regular maintenance can ensure that major problems do not arise often because the inspection catches any potential problem areas before they develop into serious damage.


Having aircon service Singapore helps increase the units dependability, extends the system’s life span, finds potential issues that can then be fixed before growing into a major problem, reduces the chances of break down, and provides maximum efficiency, meaning lower bills. Consider having your aircon examined by a trained technician at a convenient time of your choosing.

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Benefits of Singapore Aircon Servicing

Singapore Aircon Servicing

Singapore is a warm and humid country and so you need singapore aircon servicing to ensure a certain level of comfort for yourself. You can get wonderful service from a company that specializes in servicing and repairing all types of air-conditioning units. You can get the best pricing and on-time delivery, quality materials, outstanding workmanship and professional service from an experienced contractor who has been in the industry for many years.

Available services

When it comes to the actual service, the technician can clean and check the air filter front panel cover and deodorizing filter. The blower wheel can be brushed and cleaned, and the technician can also clean and check the evaporator coil of your unit. The drainage system of the air-conditioning unit can be vacuumed and the technician can also brush and check the outdoor condenser coils. The technician can check out your refrigerant system to find out if there are any Freon leaks, or if the unit needs more refrigerant.

Remote Control on Black

Available packages

For the best service in town, you can get a one-time general air-conditioning service. You can also be provided with a regular package for air-conditioning service and repair. Chemical cleaning of the air-conditioner can be done for you. Air-conditioner checking and troubleshooting service is available, and you can learn why your room is not cold, or why the air-conditioner is leaking water. You can be provided with the best technical support, and this will ensure that your equipment is working at the optimum level at all times.

Benefits of the service

One benefit of singapore aircon servicing includes clearing water leak problems on your unit. The service will also prevent the system from breaking down, and you can avoid costly repairs. The unit can also operate efficiently, and you can save money on your utility bills. Regular service and maintenance will also make your system safer, and it will extend the life of your equipment. Regular maintenance and care of your air-conditioner also helps the environment, and you can reduce the carbon footprint of its operation. The end result is that your indoor air quality will be improved, and you can have a cleaner and healthier living space.

Free quote

When you order the service, you can get a free quote so that you know the price before the work starts. You can also be provided with a warranty for the service. The technician will use genuine spares and parts, and every job is guaranteed.

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